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I have worked in higher education for 30 years in a range of roles primarily focussed on supporting students to better engage with their studies or reducing barriers to participation. Since 2013, I have focussed on how institutions might use learning analytics to provide early warnings and support for students. In my substantive role, I am responsible for the development of learning analytics at Nottingham Trent University, through our work with our technology partner Solutionpath building the NTU Student Dashboard using their StREAM technology. However, until mid-2023, I am working on a secondment to look at how we engage students better through policy and good pedagogic practice.

Part of the reason for this institutionally-agnostic site is that some of the findings I want to share are developed through research on external projects. For example we have recently ended an Erasmus+ funded project with two partners Arteveldehogeschool and UMC Utrecht on the Onwards from Learning Analytics (OfLA) to understand the nature of what happens once a learning analytics system has identified that a student may be at risk or need additional support. This project builds on the developments from the ABLE Erasmus+ project with our partners in KU Leuven and U Leiden (2015-2018) and the STELA Project as more junior partners alongside KU Leuven, TU Delft, TU Graz and SEFI. 

I am not a data scientist or statistician, but a humanities graduate who has worked in an education setting. My role is not about fixing algorithms, but asking questions about how people can best use the technology to support student success.

This blog is intended to be a place to upload quick though pieces, reflections on learning analytics discourse and highlight events or new research.

The views represented are my own and do not represent the position of my employer Nottingham Trent University or the technology partner, Solutionpath.

Ed Foster


Academic CV

Ed Foster,

Head of Student Engagement & Analytics

Centre for Student & Community Engagement, Nottingham Trent University

I am responsible for integrating learning analytics into the University to support student success. I least a team who manage the systems issues and conduct research into the effective integration of learning analytics. Our key themes include:

  • Solving the problem of sharing student data appropriately and ethically
  • Understanding the role of data in advice giving and changing student behaviour

Career summary

2014 – 2019 – Student Engagement Manager, Nottingham Trent University

Responsible for delivering the Student Dashboard learning analytics resource across the whole institution including stable operations, research, communications and staff development. Lead the ABLE Erasmus+ research project into using learning analytics to support student transition into the first year.

2002 – 2014 – Study Support Coordinator, Nottingham Trent University

Led a team of four learning developers and ten student academic mentors to deliver a range of study support workshops and one to one sessions. Led the implementation of a large institutional Welcome Week programme designed to improve the quality of  the initial university experience. Led a research consortium (the HERE Project) investigating strategies for improving student retention.

1996-2002 – Various Student Development roles Nottingham Trent University Students’ Union

1994-1996 – Enterprise Assistant, De Montfort University

1993-1994 – President, De Montfort University Students’ Union


1998 – 2000 – Postgraduate Diploma in Training Management, Nottingham Trent University

1993 – 1994 –  BA (hons) History & English, De Montfort University


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