Excellence from Analytics: Panel Discussion at Digifest, 12th March 2019

I have just taken part in a panel discussion at the Jisc Digifest 2019 event. The session was called Excellence from Analytics. I  know that, as a panel, we all worried about whether we’d been informative (or excellent), but I found it really interesting to listen to the other panellists talk (perhaps not the point).

I’m acutely conscious that I’m a man of a certain age, with a beard at a tech conference sat on a stage with other men of a certain age (also with beards). If we’re invited back to a panel, I think that someone else in the team needs to panel instead of me.

Photo of panellists discussing learning analytics at Digifest 2019
Possibly the worst Westlife covers band ever?

Anyway, the video of the session is Excellence from Analytics: Panel Discussion at Digifest 2019

And the twitter discussion that I failed miserably to reference properly is here. Apologies for not properly referencing it in the first place.

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