Learning from Learning Analytics: risky assumptions about the efficacy of feedback for learners

Presentation for the LALA Symposium: Learning Analytics for Feedback at Scale, Leuven, 1st July 2019

I’ve worked alongside very excellent colleagues at KU Leuven since 2015 on the ABLE and STELA Erasmus+ projects. I have really valued their opinions and expertise. So I was delighted to be invited by Tinne De Laet to present at a symposium of their latest learning analytics project: LALA.

Presenting at this event felt particularly personal, partly because my Dad came along, partly because I was using a photo of me playing guitar in a gig, partly because it was lovely to be back on KU Leuven’s campus, but mostly because the session took place in the Erik Duval lecture theatre. I never met him, but I feel he had a really positive impact on the field and I find his definition of learning analytics the best to use to explain the field to general audiences.

“Learning analytics is about collecting traces that learners leave behind and using those traces to improve learning”

My presentation set out to challenge the audience about the nature of learning in learning analytics, to share some of our experiences of delivering learning analytics at NTU and thinking about the challenges of using learning analytics in a tutoring/ advising role.

The slides are available LALA Risky Assumptions




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